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Is Dried Fruit Healthy?

One question which gets asked a lot here at Griffin School is, is dried fruit health? Well the answer is yes. Dried fruit is essentially just fruit with the water sucked out. Although the dehydration of fruits can be unappealing to the eye “dried fruit is full of minerals, fibre and vitamins”. It is an amazing way to keep healthy whilst on the go and to take to school!

Dried Fruit Encourages Weight Loss

Dried fruit can encourage weight loss, and studies show that people who eat dried fruit on average are far less likely to be obese. This may be because it serves as the perfect substitute when the person fancies sweets or chocolates (bad!)

Improves Diet

People who eat dried fruits consume more nutrients and less fats, less sugars and less alcohol. Those that don’t tend to make a lot poorer diet choices. (study of 13,00 people)

Encourages Weight Loss

Mentioned in a study eating dried fruit can encourage weight loss due to the consumer making better diet choices

Improves Bone Health

Eat more prunes, a study done by the Ageing Research Reviews shows that dried fruits can prevent and restore bone loss in animals, and we guess humans too. More research is being done currently.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Researchers have found that snacking on raisins, instead of processed snacks, lower systolic blood pressure and thus help reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues.

Good for your skin

Dried fruits offer a comparable amount of nutrients to fresh fruit, which of course is amazing for your skin.


We love dried fruit, and we will continue using it as a great alternative snack to chocolate and other bad foods such as sweets etc. I would recommend fruit to anyone who the students of Griffin School, and believe it can help maintain your health and diet goals. If i was to say one thing about dried fruit is that it is really convenient, and easy to eat, but be careful as it is very easy to consume a lot of calories in a short amount of time. My favourite dried fruit has to be raisins, but I also love dried apples which are an absolutely brilliant alternative to sugary sweets. Try heating up dried apples in a microwave for 1 minute and then topping with cream and some cinnamon for a very quick and healthy dessert. One more tip that we have is to always carry a few boxes of raisins with you, for if you are looking to improve your health or lose weight you can always use them as a quick snack to satiate yourself so you don’t end up buying that big chocolate bar, or 6 pack of doughnuts!

We hope you have enjoyed this article, if there is any more information you would like please get in touch.

humble honey for better learning
How We Can Use Honey to Help

We are continuously asked at Griffin School, “what so good about honey?” “should we be using honey?” “should we eat honey more?”  well we are here to help. In this article we will help you clear up all your honey concerns!

Honey is a hidden treasure of nutritional and medicinal values. Honey is packed with antibacterial and anti fungal properties, and has been used since as long as the Egyptian times.  Honey is shouted about to have Scientific super powers! Honey, the healthy natural sweetener offers many nutritional benefits but this depends on its variety. Honey, however is bad for children under the age of 12 months, and consumption should be by only adults.

Raw honey is an unpasteurised version of common honey, when selecting honey you need to be careful as some “honey” is believed to be packed full of sugar and thus isnt pure honey. A tablespoon of raw honey contains 64 calories, and is free from the bad stuff! It contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Honey is liquid gold, great for your health, and a natural sweetener! Consume it responsibly!

Here is a list of different Honey purposes;

Helps Sleep

Having problems sleeping? Honey can help. Just like sugar, honey can cause a rise in a release of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that will help you mood and happiness. The body will then convert this into melatonin which is a major sleep aid. You can find out more about Melatonin here.

Heal your wounds or burns

Honey is a naturally good treatment for wounds or burns, it is a natural antibiotic which works inside you or externally, on your skin. It can be used a treatment for wounds and leg ulcers which has been shown in <STUDIES> the patients who suffered from these ailments started to become healthier faster than those that where not treated.

Stop Your Cough

That’s right, if you have a cough forgot about spending astronomical amounts on those over-the-counter cough medicines, honey is the natural cure! The NHS now says you should use honey before alternative methods! It is believed this is because the honey helps coat the throat and the sweetness triggers nerve endings that protect the throat the repetition of coughing. Honey is a natural cure and is show to be more a effective natural alternative than pharmaceutical alternatives.

Boost Your Memory

Oh yes, another use for honey, that sweet, lovely golden substance. Honey has been used by many different people and everyone believes that, yes, it can be used as a memory booster.

We all start to suffer from bad memory loss as we grow older, so maybe it’s time to start eating that all natural lovely ingredient! Just be careful not to end up with honey which is packed with sugar. We recommend that you choose a honey that is from a good brand, or atleast a reputable supplier such Tesco and whole foods.

Natures Red Bull Drink

Yes, we said it, honey is of course an excellent source of energy, and it is natural, which means that it is not processed. This also means that is enters our blood stream quicker, is there a better energy drink? We recommend that people who use the gym, or play sports use honey before there session as it can help.


We love honey, we think it is great and we would recommend it to all our students. It is clearly very healthy and great alternative to sugar and processed sweeteners. We will be using honey and recommending it to our students for a long time and we hope you are happy with this we have written for you. If you would like more information on being health please check our page in the future as we will updating it to help you!

Using Essential Oils as a School Student

If you would have asked me one year ago about using essential oils for myself, let alone my children, I would of probably given you a strange look. I will be the first to admit that I was not a massive believer in the “power” of essential oils as one blog article I read called it, but that is in the past, and I can now say proudly that I am the biggest advocate I know on the subject! Since I started working for Griffin School, it is certain to say that my interest in essential oils has massively branched out from just using them in the bath, or using them to make the house smell cleaner. Every week I do a little more research and I have built up a grandeur of knowledge that I now use to help students, so without further adieu, here is my guide to supporting school age children with Essential Oils.

Using Essential Oils during the school day (and practically)

Essential oils will help promote focus and calming at school. School is not the most relaxing time for students, many will become unsettled just from the thought of an overwhelming amount of work and studies to do, others may be disturbed socially from being introduced to other students that they are not familiar with. It is important that you try a different amount of essential oils with the person who will be using them, as some prefer more citrus type smells and others will prefer the more minter smells, it is important that you make blends and recipes which smell good.

It is no rocket science that you should not be sending your children to school with massive amounts of essential oils, if they are carrying them in big bottles etc they can easily become broken and spill, and I have the perfect solution for you. The perfect solution is roller balls! Roller balls are a smaller container they typically carry 10ml and they are the perfect size for making blends for students to use during the day. Try dropping 5 drops of lavender, 5 drops of chamomile, 5 drops of ylang ylang, and 5 drops of tea tree oil into a roller ball, this will give the student the perfect blend. Instruct yourself and the student that you should not be using essential oils on areas of the skin that may be exposed to the sun as it will make your skin more sensitive to the sun in that particular area.

Using the roller balls with a blend which is created with Focus or Calming in mind can make the perfect companion for the student, it is easy to use and easy to store. The roller balls are small enough that they fit into a wide range of bags, pockets and pencil cases. If you have any worries about your student using the roller balls at school then you should contact the appropriate authority and ask of your concerns.

Using Essential Oils to fight Off Seasonal Colds and Illnesses

Students missing classes from being ill or having sickness, colds etc is a sure way to make them fall behind on their work, this is not good for the student as they will have to catch up with there school work after they return from absence, and worse they may infect other students – which is just not fair. There for, during winter and colder months where illnesses are  more likely, I recommend to either diffuse or use the roller ball method for the following protective blend; orange oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil and rosemary essential oils. This is a sure fire way to protect  the student from environmental threats and it smells amazing too. Another good way to protect from season threats is to have an oil diffuser working when the student is at home. An oil diffuser used with peppermint, eucalyptus, peppermint, a lemon oil will keep the atmosphere at home free from unwanted illness bugs and it smells great too!


I don’t have to tell you that a good night’s sleep is absolutely important for the students learning, if students don’t sleep correctly their ability to learn will be compromised. Sleep helps with stable emotions and focus, both are needed for a day at school. How can we promote sleep with the use of essential oils? Getting children to sleep in this day and age is a lot harder as there are so many different distractions; tv, xbox, mobile phones, tablets etc are not at all a big help when it comes to getting your children off to sleep. Luckily there are methods that can be used, as in the other paragraphs, using an Oil Diffuser is a brilliant way to get children to sleep – if you know the correct calming oils to use. The oil diffuser should be used with either a lavender or roman chamomile blend, both of these essential oils are proven to aid with the calming of the mind and body. Lavender is vastly used in aromatherapy which is the practise of relaxation of the mind, body and soul therefore we recommend using it at the students bedtime for them to settle down into a very nice sleep.

If you do not have an essential oil diffuser, do not worry, there are other ways of introducing the oils into the bed time routine. Using a carrier oil for dilution it is recommended to then apply this solution to the feet (the pores are larger here and absorb more), chest, neck or wrists. You can use a roller ball with your own made blends in for easier application and storage.

Essential Oil roller balls perfect for helping ailments